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Lace Align Spinal TLSO

TLSOOur newest addition to the Lace Align family of spinal orthoses helps restrict motion in the thoracic and lumbar spine, aiding in the treatment of compression and burst fractures, kyphosis and osteoporosis. Innovative 3-point strapping system and shoulder harness provide thoracic extension and greater overall patient comfort.
Hi-tech inner lining of the TLSO incorporates Outlast®, to help manage heat and moisture for all-day comfort. Universal belt and telescoping shoulder harness minimize stocking requirements and ensure your patients can be fit in just one visit.

  • Posterior panel stabilizes from Scapular Spine to SC-junction; hand loops and Power-Pull Closures allow patients with limited upper extremity strength and dexterity to independently apply the brace; telescoping shoulder harness provides 13” of shoulder strap height adjustment
  • Indicated for lower back pain, sprains or strains, kyphosis secondary to osteoporosis, decompressive procedures, degenerative disc disease, bulging or herniated discs, compression fractures, post-operative stabilization, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, or severe DJD
  • Constructed of nylon, breathable CoolMesh™ fabric, molded pull tabs, heat moldable ABS posterior panel, and hook and loop closures


Product NumberUNIV
Sizing GuideUNIV
25" - 45"
Measurement taken from waist or hip circumference. Use the larger of the two circumferences when selecting brace size.
Gel Pouch with 9”x11” Gel Pack35-3911
Extension Kit - 16"35-3904
Add the Extension Kit when fitting patient's with a waist/hip circumference from 45" to 70".
Product Information
Application – Brace Application – Extension Kit Ordering Info Product Info (PDF) PDAC Coding (PDF)