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Marathon Air Walker – Tall

MarathonTM Air Walker Tall
    The Marathon™ Air Walker Tall features a fully integrated pneumatic air bladder combines with circumferential protection to provide optimum immobilization and edema control.

  • An integrated pump and interior bladder allow for a custom fit and increased stabilization throughout recovery
  • Its low-profile rocker sole is engineered to promote a natural gait while delivering superior cushioning from heel to toe
  • Indicated for stable foot fractures, severe sprains, soft tissue injuries, post-op and post-cast removal
  • Constructed of semi-rigid ventilated panels, moisture wicking liner and curved top edge help to provide long-wearing comfort and dryness
Product Number
Marathon Air Walker Tall79-201079-201179-201279-201379-2014
Replacement Liner Tall79-203079-203179-203279-203379-2034
Tall Walker Sock (pair)79-0275
Sizing Guide
Mens Size3 - 44 1/2 - 77 1/2 - 1010 1/2 - 12 1/213+
Womens Size4 - 5 1/26 - 88 1/2 x 1111 1/2 - 1314+
Product Information
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