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Universal Knee Wrap

Universal Knee Wrap
  • Provides warmth, support, and compression for the knee, universal design allows for inventory reduction; available with spiral stays, hinges or dynamic buttress
  • Indicated for moderate knee strains or sprains, knee injuries and arthritis
  • Manufactured from premium grade latex-free soft brushed loop neoprene and compression molded textured neoprene buttress

11 1/2”Univ
Product Number
1/8” Ultra88-1000
1/8” Ultra w/Stays88-1001
1/8” Wrap88-1010
1/8” Wrap w/Stays88-1020
1/8” Wrap w/Hinge88-1030
Sizing Guide
Ultra UnivWrap Univ
Fits up to25”22”

Measurement taken 6” above mid-patella

Product Information
Care & Cleaning Application Ordering Product Info (PDF)