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Ranger GS Shoulder Abduction Brace

Ranger and Ranger II GS gives you flexibility to adjust the amount of shoulder abduction from 10º to 45º as well as rotational control from full internal rotation to 70º of external rotation. This customization meets patients individualized needs and post surgical protocols. The adjustable lightweight aluminum waistband conforms for a precise patient fit as well as rotational and abduction control, providing a stable platform for the arm to help reduce migration.

  • Ranger features a standard padded shoulder strap while Ranger II incorporates the comfort harness to evenly distribute weight over the shoulder girdle; both models include a universal sling that fits every patient with one size.
  • Indicated for treatment after Bankart and SLAP repairs, rotator cuff repairs, shoulder arthroscopy, separations and dislocations, capsule repairs and joint reconstruction.
  • Frame constructed of malleable aluminum covered in antimicrobial CoolMesh™ Ag; Sling also features CoolMesh Ag that delivers moisture management and antimicrobial resistance to promote greater patient compliance and outcomes; Exercise ball helps promote circulation.

Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis

Product Number
Ranger GS23-2360
Ranger II GS23-2560
Ranger Shoulder Immobilizer23-1960
Ranger Shoulder Sling21-1960
Sizing Guide
Fits waist circumference of 24" - 48"
Sling fits forearm length from 9"-20"
Measurement taken from wrist to elbow.
Replacement Comfort Harness23-2367
Replacement Padded Shoulder Strap23-2368

Product Information
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